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My daughter was almost one and my son was three and a half.  Neither one of them gave us the luxury of sleeping through the night.   My better half and I often found it difficult to go back to sleep immediately after aiding our children in going back to slumber.  I took to looking at Facebook and playing mind-numbing games on my iPhone while I awaited drifting back to sleep.  One night, an online book showed up in my feed.  I started reading and eventually downloaded the app and continued reading the online book.  Given I had shown interest in the online book world, my Facebook feed soon was taken over by different stories all catered to me (it still is to be honest). 

I downloaded numerous apps and read several stories, most of which were related to the supernatural genre: werewolves, vampires, witches, warlocks, elves, and fairies.  About a month or so later, I woke up and turned to Faheem in bed smiling and told him, “I just had the best dream.  It felt so real, like I was watching a movie unfold.”  I started telling him with vivid recollection all that I could see and feel in the dream and the characters.  I made it about ten minutes before he stopped me and said, “I will watch the kids and you should go and write it down into a book.”  Now, I love my kids with all my being, but I was still on maternity leave and watching them all day every day during covid was taking a toll on me.  I needed a break and when he said he would watch them and I could isolate myself in a room in front of a computer and write down my dream, it wasn’t heaven but at the time, it sure seemed like a picture of heaven for me. 

We got up for the day and I locked myself away in our Family room where our computer was set up, and he handled the kids.  The words were flowing through me as I did a full-on brain dump in rough draft form.  My intent was to get down what I could remember before I forgot it.  This continued for a few days, then a couple of weeks.   I soon realized the word count and pages were getting up there, so I took it upon myself to do a little research to see how many words approximately a book of this genre should include.  I found it should be between 60K to 110K as the normal.  I was around the 80K mark and wasn’t close to the end of my story.  It was then I knew I had to break it up into multiple books.  Coming Into Power is the first of three in the Series.  The extremely rough draft was done just before I returned to work from maternity leave.  At that point, I figured it was a lost cause.  With two young kids and going back to work, when was I going to have time to finish writing the book.  Faheem encouraged and supported me by taking the kids one day on the weekends so I could focus on getting it done. 

In dreams, if you recall, you kind of jump from one scene to the next but may not know how you got there.  I had to build in those bridges and connection points.  Things unfolded but I didn’t necessarily know how to get from point A to point B, just that I had gotten there.  I started filling in the blanks and soon my book was ready for editing.  The rest is history. Listen to the prologue and beginning of my book in audio for free.

About the Mikayla Tale

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