Chapter 1 Commentary

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The main character’s name, Mikayla, was chosen because it is one of my favorite names.  I had started with the Michaela spelling of it until a friend of mine, who I had read some of my first draft to, sent me a text saying, “I can’t wait to hear what happens to Jason and Mikayla.”  I instantly went and changed all instances to be spelled Mikayla.

Each chapter switches between the different point-of-views (POV) of the characters, so you can see it through different perspectives.  This is common in the online book and I had made it to chapter 6 before I decided to move away from the narrator point-of-view and tell the story through the characters’ views.  I found it was easier to tell the story switching between them and I personally enjoyed it more knowing what each character was feeling at any given moment. 

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It was important for me to not only introduce the characters to you as the reader, but I also wanted to give you a feeling of where they were in their lives when everything changed, so you could emotionally understand Mikayla’s choice between the simple life and her hesitation with the wolf-life. 

The Business Management report and presentation which brought Jacqui into Mikayla’s life is how I met one of my best friends.  It was an unlikely pairing and we ended up hitting it off from the get-go.  This was a shout out to her.

Any good night I had out with my friends, started out with dancing and singing with them

Chapter 1 Commentary
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