Chapter 2 Commentary

Chapter 2: The Firestarter Club
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You will notice the chapters are typically not long in length throughout the entirety of the book.  When I read books, I am a little crazy in that I don’t like to stop mid-chapter.  You could say it is a pet peeve of mine.  Sometimes when the chapters are long in a novel, my eyes are drooping and watery, but I am forcing myself to stay awake and continue reading.  For this reason, I made all the chapters short.  It is tailored for adults, given the sexual content in later chapters, and we are all busy people especially those with children.  It is difficult to carve out reading time where one can focus and absorb what is happening in the storyline. 

I have made frequent trips to Las Vegas, Nevada to enjoy the many shows, sites, gambling, pools and more over the years.  Each trip my fond memories increase.  When I thought about the club scene in chapter 2, the bathrooms were always disgusting at any of the clubs I ever attended, but I remembered two bathrooms which I drew upon for the description in my book. 

Many years ago, I was in Vegas when the Wynn Hotel and Casino first opened.  I still remember wearing jeans, a long-sleeve t-shirt, and my runners.  It was warm in Vegas, but I found the air conditioning to be cold.  We decided to venture to the Wynn to check out what all the buzz around Vegas was about.  When we got there, I immediately felt out of place and extremely under-dressed.  It was a beautiful hotel.  We walked around touring each area before heading back to our hotel.  However, I needed to use the bathroom.  When I went in, like my description, everything was a gorgeous marble – even the stalls.  Maybe I hadn’t been out much, but I felt like royalty at that moment. 

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My family and I are addicted to the Cactus Club Bellini.  I don’t quite remember when the tradition started but we go there on a regular basis.  Most of them have televisions installed right in the stalls.  Of course, they are usually playing the sport of the day, but they are televisions none-the-less in the stall.  What a great way to up the ante on my bathroom description.

The vending machine aspect was something I threw into the mix.  Inevitably when I was out on one of my friend’s nights out, I would be missing something I needed.  In some movies, I have seen concierge-type people handing out towels and mini waters, so I thought I would cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s and make the club user-friendly for everyone.  The unisex part came from two things:  first, the world we know is changing and I have seen more and more unisex bathrooms popping up and second, I needed an avenue to get my story started.  I wanted to keep with what I saw in my dream as much as possible because I enjoyed it as a story. 

I can also be impatient.  I didn’t want to wait until multiple chapters into the novel for things to start unfolding.  Again, I wrote the novel based on the flow of my dream.  I only added connections where the leap from one scene to the next didn’t make sense or needed a bit more information.  Hopefully, you have read chapter 2 (or listened to my audio recording) before reading this, but if not, I made sure not to give anything away, but there is something in chapter 2 which occurs to engage the readers. 

Chapter 2 Commentary

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