Understanding Werewolves

coming into power

There are several takes on characteristics of werewolves in the many novels I have read and movies I have seen.  I chose to go with the most common aspects which are as follows:

  • Werewolves were originally created by the Moon Goddess, and she is their deity.
  • Fated Mates: A premeditated pairing of two beings by the Moon Goddess.  At least one mate must be a werewolf, but the second can be any being: human or supernatural.  As of the 18th birthday, a werewolf can tell their fated mate because their wolf will instantly know and the scent and aura emitting from their mate is unique to them and something they find appealing.
  • Werewolves have a heightened sense of sight, hearing, smell, and metabolism, as well as increased healing abilities when hurt or injured.
  • Wolfsbane and silver are weaknesses.
  • Werewolves live in packs on territories.  The Alpha is the first in command and can command any wolf who has pledged to their pack.  The Beta is the second in command and the Gamma is the third.
  • Rogues are werewolves who have no allegiance to a pack or its Alpha.

Coming Into Power – Chapter 1 Dismantled

Chapter 1 Coming Into Power: Download Your Completely FREE Copy Now (3 downloads)

The main character’s name, Mikayla, was chosen because it is one of my favorite names.  I had started with the Michaela spelling of it until a friend of mine, who I had read some of my first draft to, sent me a text saying, “I can’t wait to hear what happens to Jason and Mikayla.”  I instantly went and changed all instances to be spelled Mikayla.

Each chapter switches between the different point-of-views (POV) of the characters, so you can see it through different perspectives.  This is common in the online book and I had made it to chapter 6 before I decided to move away from the narrator point-of-view and tell the story through the characters’ views.  I found it was easier to tell the story switching between them and I personally enjoyed it more knowing what each character was feeling at any given moment. 

Free Chapters: coming into power

It was important for me to not only introduce the characters to you as the reader, but I also wanted to give you a feeling of where they were in their lives when everything changed, so you could emotionally understand Mikayla’s choice between the simple life and her hesitation with the wolf-life. 

The Business Management report and presentation which brought Jacqui into Mikayla’s life is how I met one of my best friends.  It was an unlikely pairing and we ended up hitting it off from the get-go.  This was a shout out to her.

Any good night I had out with my friends, started out with dancing and singing with them while getting ready to go out and let loose and save money at the club. Listening in the car at the end of chapter one is a carefree time the girls can have together with no judgement and no life worries.

Understanding Werewolves

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