Tamara D. Smith

Mikayla had a simple life and was heading down the path she carved for herself. A girl’s night out will change her life forever. Through a series of events, she must choose between the white picket fence life or a luxurious lifestyle with much more responsibility and accountability. When Jason, a playboy Alpha werewolf, enters her world, she uncovers her hidden past, as a new life unfolds before her eyes. Journey with her as she learns about this hidden world and decides if she should embrace it or run for the hills.

Coming To Power


Group 1
Jasime Nair

Tamara has a vivid imagination and this novel is sensational and so well written. It grips the reader to the very end!

~ Jasmine N.

Group 1

“Coming Into Power” Is A Must Read! It is suspenseful with vivid images and has steamy hot romance.

~ Cindy E.








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Book 2 – Coming Soon

Currently in progress.  It will be broken into two Parts:  Part One will be a recount of the two years while Mikayla has been dormant.  It will switch between Jason’s point-of-view while warring with Alpha Justin, while coping with his loss and Mikayla’s point-of-view in which she meets new friends who help her elevate her powers to new levels.  Part two will surround Mikayla and Jason’s reconciliation after she awakens and the ensuing battle between Alpha Jason and Alpha Justin.  Both parts will catch us up on some of the other characters and how they have developed over the past two years.

Editorial Review

A fast-paced, engaging erotic fantasy, Coming Into Power is bursting with imagination and sensuality. With its original take on the genre, thriller-like plotting, and sharply-drawn characters, the novel is a boundary-pushing, category-crossing story as sensitive as it is steamy. Smith elevates the story over other works of paranormal romance through deft character creation and storytelling structure, which will alternately please those readers looking for something comfortingly familiar, as well as those looking for a new take. Strongly written and satisfyingly plotted, the novel should be a hit for fans of adult fantasy who like their stories with a twist of originality, depth of feeling, and more than a hint of spice.” – Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

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