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Born in Washington DC and raised in Virginia, Tamara grew up in the United States of America.  Her father, Thomas Smith, who is her namesake (or as close as could be in a female version) was American.  Her mother, Betty Smith, is Canadian.  Throughout her childhood, Tamara spent many summers with her family visiting British Columbia, Canada and it is now where she permanently resides.  She attended Greenbriar Elementary School and St. Stephen’s and St Agnes School. 

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She holds the Certified Payroll Management designation and works at BCAA as the Payroll Manager. Through a series of events, her subconscious mind had a dream which she remembered when she awoke and it was transformed into her first book, Coming Into Power, A Mikayla Tale, which is book 1 of a three part series (the other two books are still works in progress). She has always been a descriptive writer in her English classes and this translates into the book she has written so far. She is a published poet in the National Library of Poetry, At Water’s Edge.   

“Escape with me into my story and grow with the characters as they find themselves and realize what life has instore for them. Life isn’t easy; the choices we make define us and it is difficult to know which is the right choice when it is a life-altering decision.”

– Tamara D. Smith









Having completed the first book through to the end is the accomplishment she aimed for when starting this journey.  Sharing her dream with the world and entertaining them in the process is the ultimate goal.  She truly hopes she can inspire others to challenge themselves in an area which might be foreign to them and realize the result can be truly something amazing and awe inspiring.

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