Coming Into Power (A Mikayla Tale Book 1) – Paperback



Mikayla is an average human living a simple life day-to-day. She works in a restaurant daily, has a group of close friends, is financially stable (nothing extravagant), attending university and has the man of her dreams as her fiancé. Unfortunately, fate has another life chosen for her. During a girl’s night out of fun, her happy life is stripped away from her. In her shocked state, she makes hasty decisions which lead her to enter the world of werewolves.

Amidst a werewolf war, Mikayla and Jason need to determine if they should embrace or reject the mate bond established by the Moon Goddess. Whilst Jason attempts to court Mikayla, she is overwhelmed by more surprises about her childhood and upbringing. The life Jason offers her is one of love, war and leading an entire pack. This far exceeds Mikayla’s idea of a common life in the suburbs and she is reluctant to choose this new life. Jason strives to protect his pack, prepare for war and win the heart of his true mate.

Coming Into Power (A Mikayla Tale Book 1) – Paperback

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